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SMW Autoblok Jaw Finder - The easy way to find jaws

Jaw Finder

The SMW Autoblok Jaw Finder software allows you to find the right jaws for your application in minutes! Use the drop down menus to choose the manufacturer, chuck type and chuck size. Double click on any of the jaws for the details including part numbers and critical information.

There are two versions for different OS (operating systems) available:

Jaw Finder Web Version

You can also use a web based Jaw Finder via the link below provided by SMW Autoblok Germany.

Jaw Finder

View this PDF (click here) for additional downloading information, and then select the Jaw Finder for your OS.

SMW Autoblok chucks have a wide range of versatility applying to many applications. Below you will find some of our popular products and how they are being used by our customers.

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