Specialty Chucks

  • Automatic Indexing Chucks - Reinforced Body
  • Size Range: 210mm - 315mm
  • Number of Jaws: 2 Jaws
  • Hydraulic Clamping and Indexing
  • Divisions: 4 x 90°, 8 x 45°, 3 x 120°, 6 x 60° or specials
The AXN-R Automatic Indexing Chucks feature a reinforced body, and are designed for high productivity machining of complex workpieces such as valve bodies, spiders or fittings in a single setup. Indexing movement is possible during spindle rotation, allowing for quick changing between the multiple working axes.


Product Features

  • Reinforced body
  • Rigid holding of the workpiece at high
  • RPM allows for high chip removal rates
  • High positioning and repeatability precision
  • Reliable indexing system with constant oil lubricated internal mechanism
  • Constant and automatic in-process controls for extremely safe machining
  • Hardened and ground body is designed to avoid deformation, ensuring rigidity and accuracy
  • Proofline sealed for low maintenance

Standard Equipment

  • 2 Jaw Chuck
  • Adapter parts supplied upon request
  • Clamping jaws supplied upon request