APS Zero Point Clamping System Knocks Down Set-Up Times

APSThe most important goal of any manufacturer is to increase productivity at all levels. However, companies today still waste a lot of time with the set-up and alignment of their work pieces. The SMW Autoblok APS Zero Point Clamping System can reduce those set-up times up to 90%! This automatic positioning system provides greater flexibility in set-up and an increase in productivity, resulting in an extremely short payback time.

The APS uses lubricated/compressed air (6 BAR-85 psi) for release and springs for clamping. No compressed air is required in the locked, or clamped position. This allows positioning and clamping in one operation with exceptional repeatability accuracy (< 0.005 mm). Pneumatic systems are easier to install, don’t require a hydraulic unit and are cleaner to operate.

A very important feature of our system is the fact that the APS pins can be introduced into the module with an angle up to 23°, therefore they don’t need to be oriented exactly in the center of the module.

APSTurboFunctionWith the Turbo function, the pull-down force increases enough to allow compressed air to be introduced through the Turbo connection, acting directly on the springs to increase their extension. This provides additional power to the 3 jaws, which push on the wedge even more. Once inserted, the Turbo function doesn’t need alignment and it will be discharged automatically in the opening phase.

Other advantages of the APS include:

- Available premium models with extended functionality

- Modular construction kit system: existing clamping systems can be modified very easily

- Lower fixture height due to the compact design

- Highest rigidity by means of three clamping slides

The APS is wear-resistant and protected against rust due to heat-treated elements and an extra hard protective coating. As part of our Proofline® series, it us fully sealed to product against dirt and swarf.

With eight types of APS modules, you are sure to find a configuration that meets your needs, reducing set-up times anywhere from 120 minutes to 8 minutes. Whether your are running one, two or three-shift operations – the savings from our APS Zero Point System speak for themselves!