Ellyn Kovalsky: A Natural Communicator With a Generous Heart

ellynKEllyn Kovalsky has been the AR coordinator at SMW Autoblok for the last five years. Before that, she worked inside sales and customer service at various firms. She’s come a long way from her first days with us, when she kept asking her new co-workers why she still hadn’t met this “Chuck” that everyone kept talking about.

After starting in inside sales at SMW Autoblok, Ellyn moved to her current position and has excelled. She acknowledges that customer service is her forte. Her ability to put humor into almost every situation has made her popular. Her interest in people is 100% genuine, as everyone who meets her confirms. As she puts it, “My ability to communicate is my best quality – and also my worst.”


Ellyn’s love of life and people has moved her to take an active role in several charities. She began participating in the ALS Walk for Life when a friend, Rhona Bresler, lost her husband to the horrific disease. The team is called “Always Love Shelly.” Sadly, a dear friend of hers also contracted the disease and passed away in 2015. Her name was Rivie Magid. Her children sponsor the team: “StRIVe for the Cure.” To this day, Ellyn walks to support both groups.

Every September, over 7,000 people walk for the ALS cause. It is Chicago's largest gathering for people living with ALS, their family and their friends. The group is committed to seeing a world free of the disease. All proceeds benefit the Les Turner ALS Foundation, Chicagoland's premier ALS organization.

This year’s walk is scheduled for September 18th. Those interested in learning more or making a donation can visit ALSWalk4Life.org or simply contact Ellyn.

Another charity Ellyn supports is the Heartland Health Outreach, which provides access to nutritious food for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. The organization was founded by a friend of Ellyn’s who was also co-founder of Chicago’s first meals program for people with HIV or AIDS, which began in the mid-1980s. Ellyn and her grandson make several trips a year to the Edgewater pantry to drop off food.

It’s not only humans who benefit from Ellyn’s compassion. Lately she has been involved in a group devoted to the plight of elephants, mostly in Thailand and India, but also around the world.

Ellyn wishes her pocketbook was as big as her heart, but she will continue to do any little thing she can to help others in need.