Exclusive 5-Sided Machining Vises with SinterGrip

sintergripThe only thing worse than scrap is high-priced scrap. When held in traditional workholders that require large clamping surface areas, expensive materials such as aluminum and titanium get used up quickly. The gripping force required to hold the workpiece securely can deform the part as well. That’s why both of our precision vises for 5-axis machine tools (The GENIUS and The SINTEX) are equipped with SMW Autoblok’s proprietary SinterGrip technology.

SinterGrip Technology
Instead of clamping a large surface area of the workpiece like most systems, the patented SinterGrip technology requires only 3.5mm of clamping surface. This reduces the waste of expensive raw materials and minimizes deformation risk. A series of solid carbide serrated inserts grip the workpiece so securely that vibration is virtually non-existent. This stability allows for higher cutting speed and feed rates, which translate into more metal removed in less machining time. You can even customize the Sintergrip for the particular material you are working with.

bild2The GENIUS
The GENIUS precision vise features other unique technology in addition to the SinterGrip system. Unlike traditional vises, it uses traction clamping to grip the workpiece. The movement of the jaws is not on a base, but on hardened and ground shafts. These generate clamping force (up to almost 30,000 foot-pounds) right at the part, where it is needed the most. The result is so stable that the GENIUS is the first vise designed for 5-axis machine tools that can be used for high precision milling operations. Thanks to an expanding screw, GENIUS can clamp workpieces up to 200mm in just one set-up. The GENIUS can be used with both flat and round workpieces.

The SINTEX self-centering 5-axis vise is designed for a high degree of accuracy on flat workpieces. Its compact size, large opening range (up to 150mm), repeatable accuracy (+/- 0.01) and SinterGrip technology make it extremely flexible. It comes in a variety of configurations and provides an excellent quality to price ratio.

If you’re interested in a 5-sided machining vise that only needs 3.5mm to grip a workpiece,  please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual needs.