Luke Mehringer: Engineering a New Career

When Luke Mehringer joined us as a Design Engineer in July of 2018, he didn’t have to adjust his commute by very much. His old company, which engineers superabrasive finishing systems, was right down the block from our headquarters in Wheeling! During his 7-year stint there, Luke designed precision equipment capable of advanced process control, and developed and supported new manufacturing processes for cost and lead-time reduction. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a certification in robotics, he was well qualified for his responsibilities and added to his knowledge with on-the-job experience.

New Horizons with Just a Few Steps
Luke had worked with some high-tech CAD-CAM equipment and got a taste for machining just out of college. His goal was to work for a well-run organization that made turning out quality products a priority. He found what he was looking for at SMW Autoblok.

Up to Speed in No Time
In his current position, his focus is on designing the top tooling for lathe jaws and documenting on the print the contact point and where the tooling is placed. He credits our training and various mentors around the shop for making his transition to the new job easier than he thought it would be. And he’s already churning out workholding designs for power transmission parts for a major manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

Low Key Life
Other than a reputation for having mad foosball skills, Luke says his off-the-job life is rather quiet. That description fits one of his hobbies. He enjoys making beer in his personal small batch brewery. Once mixed, it takes about up to 10 weeks for the raw mixture to ferment and age into a drinkable brew. That requires a lot of patience! His current product is a run of Hefewiezen, a classic German wheat beer.

His appreciation of beer may also explain why his favorite travel spots in Europe are Germany and Austria, both well known for their flavorful brews. He’s been to both countries three times. Other favorite travel spots include Malaysia and the Philippines.

Another pastime for Luke is designing digital electronics, mainly circuit boards. Whether electrical or mechanical in nature, it seems like Luke is hard-wired for engineering.