Meet Mark Mirocha: Engineer, Problem Solver and Marathoner

Profile 1Mark Mirocha may be new to SMW Autoblok, having only recently joined us as Engineering Manager, but he brings a wealth of experience to our program. For the past 30 years, he has worked in almost every aspect of machine shop operations. Positions he has held include those in: Manufacturing Engineering, CNC programming; machine tool sales, workholding sales; machine tool distribution; vendor liaison; and management of application engineers. All that experience is backed by a degree in Industrial Technology from Western Illinois University.

Company Man
With 21 years under his belt in CNC machine tool distribution, Mark became thoroughly familiar with SMW Autoblok as well as the competition. The quality of our products was a major factor in bringing him to our door. Likewise, we saw his years of practical experience as a perfect match for what we were looking for.

In his new position, Mark will manage a group of design engineers who design custom top tooling specific parts. He has also stepped in to manage our Quality Department. In addition, he will look for new opportunities to advise customers on the best chuck and custom top tooling combination for their toughest workholding challenges.


Machining Man
Part of Mark's customer consulting duties will be helping customers who come to us with a problem. They aren’t turning out good parts, the finish is unacceptable, they have to run at low rpms, etc.Big Sur Pic 2a Whatever the issue, Mark’s hands-on experience has given him an understanding of how the jaws need to hold the workpiece for the highest quality machining. His engineering experience will help us change the tool design to make the manufacturing process easier and reduce production time.

Marathon Man
Mark took up running about 15 years ago to stay in shape. His initial goal was achieved long ago, as he has graduated from 5K runs all the way to running full marathons. His most recent race was the Chicago Marathon just last month, but he has run both full marathons and half-marathons in Nashville, Louisville, Minneapolis and Las Vegas.

His favorite race to date was the Big Sur International, which wanders through California mountains, national forests and across the Bixby Bridge on the Pacific Coast Highway. The result is a beautifully scenic, but challenging, point-to-point 26.2-mile course.

With a group of running buddies, there is always someone to run with and Mark enjoys the social atmosphere within a group of like-minded people. Mark has logged 15 marathons to date, and plans to kick it up a notch by adding biking and swimming to his routine so he can complete a half IRONMAN triathlon next year.