Meet Our Top 5 Chucks for 2017

We’re looking forward to the holidays with a great deal of satisfaction. We made a lot of customers happy over the past 12 months. But each year there are some products that stand out more than others in the line. As we head for 2018, we thought we’d take the opportunity to rank the top 5 models of the past year and provide a little information on why they made the cut. Let’s get to it.

Always our best selling chuck series. The top quick jaw change chuck on the market. Robust, versatile, and agile, it sells well across all industries.

Simple, but effective, these chucks are the most basic open center chuck we sell, ranging from 130mm - 800mm. This style of chuck can be used across a wide range of industries.

#3: BB-N / BB-N-ES
Our air chucks are used almost exclusively in the oil and gas industry. They are paired with some of the largest horizontal lathes on the market to do pipe work. After being off the list for a while, the beginning of a resurgence in oil and gas drilling in the U.S. has brought this product back into the top 5 for 2017.

This is our premier pull down chuck. This style fits best in production environments with high parallelism and perpendicularity call outs. They are used most often for automotive and aerospace applications, but we have also seen a growing use in the medical market.

ntrc_main#5: NT series
The NT chuck is a completely sealed Proofline® product that we see used most often in automotive and other cast iron applications. This year we have seen a surge in requests for long stroke chucks, such as the NTL sub series, for cast aluminum applications. Expect a long run for this series on the top 5 lists of the future. It has become a very popular choice for wheel and brake component work over the last few years.

What the New Year Will Bring
It will be interesting to see which direction our customers’ needs will go in the new year. But rest assured, whatever happens, we will be standing by to provide you the best solutions and service possible. The years may come and go, but that commitment is always number one on our list.