New Product Spotlight: D-plus Diaphragm Chuck

Why is it that Autoblok, our parent company, has been the leading manufacturer of workholding, clamping, and tooling solutions since 1942—and is the largest power chuck manufacturer in Europe? One of the reasons is because we are truly committed to innovation, always creating new products DPlus Wst weiss neu2 (2)that utilize the latest technology and offer solutions to our clients’ needs.

One of our newest products is the D-plus line of diaphragm chucks, sophisticated tools for the machining of shaft type work pieces and for pitchline clamping or external clamping. Our D-plus chucks feature a quick jaw change system, an integrated jaw carrier, an adjustable center point to support the work piece, and more.

They offer many benefits to users as a result of their design. The quick jaw change system means minimal set-up times, and come with the backing of SMW Autoblok’s established, superior diaphragm clamping technology.

Specific features of the D-plus include:

    Open center for clamping shaft type work pieces

     The center point to support the work piece is integrated into the spindle flange

     Quick jaw change and centrifugal force compensation

     Jaw system for pitchline clamping or external clamping as standard

     Special cylinder to actuate the diaphragm chuck

     Large/small piston area for opening/clamping

     Rotary unions for 1 or 2 media

     Linear positioning system LPS to monitor the piston stroke

We are confident that this latest product represents the advanced technology and design that all of our products are known for, and are excited to add it to our line of offerings. If you want to know more about the D-plus chuck, contact us with any questions.