SJL Power Chucks Combine Speed, High Precision and Flexibility

sjl_2_1Our SJL Equalizing Power Chucks were specifically designed to give our customers a superior 6-Jaw (2+2+2) product with built-in precision, flexibility, speed, and reliability.

Since they are adjustable, SJL series chucks are ideal for clamping deformation sensitive components (2+2+2 jaw clamping) or holding work pieces as a true 6-jaw self-centering chuck. In either configuration, every unit incorporates high radial and axial clamping accuracy. A centrifugal force compensation system ensures high speed, rapid feeds and overall faster production.

Top jaws for the series are available with tongue and groove (SJL-C) with a size range of 9" - 16" (225 - 400mm) and metric serration (SJL-M) with a size range of 8" - 16" (225mm - 400mm). All SJL chucks are oil bath lubricated and have two medium-feed channels for air and/or coolant.

For additional reliability and value, SJL series chucks are part of the Proofline® series, which means they’re fully sealed for reduced maintenance. Precise, adjustable, fast and reliable — the SJL 6-Jaw (2+2+2) Equalizing Power Chucks are the flexible solution required for deformation sensitive applications. Contact us for more information.