SMW Autoblok Offers a Wide Range of Standard or Custom Collets and Mandrels

When it comes to machining bar or tubular stock, many shops depend on collet and mandrel workholding. Both are excellent at clamping 360° around the outside diameter (collet) or the internal diameter (mandrel) of a workpiece. As a full turnkey solution provider for all your workholding needs, we offer a complete range of both types to cover most applications.

ksznzn_colletGood-to-Go Collets
Our standard collets are available in round, square and hexagonal configurations, or as blanks to be machined on the chuck. Bars and shafts from 4mm to 100mm can be accommodated with push or draw actuation.

The KSZ-MB utilizes DIN 6343 collets and is designed for the efficient machining of bar stock on automatic bar machines with bar feeders. Our KSZ-DZN is designed for the safe clamping of bars. The draw collet system of this model provides the highest axial and radial rigidity. KSZ-AZN chucks are designed for the safe clamping of shafts, and the pull down effect onto the workstop allows for high axial positioning accuracy of the shafts. The KSZ-NZN holds the collet in a fixed axial position, therefore there is no axial movement or axial forces when clamping, which is ideal for pass off applications. The KSZ-AZL model is designed for the safe clamping of bars and shafts, and includes preparation for air sensing.

ems MandrelReady-to-Ship Mandrels
The mandrels in our standard line feature very rigid design and are ideal for turning, milling, grinding and gear cutting applications. Sizes range from 5.8mm to 129.7mm.

EM-A & EM-C expanding mandrels feature high accuracy and torque transmission thanks to a fixed arbor. They achieve axial pulldown by axial movement of the clamping sleeve during actuation. EM-B Expanding Mandrels can clamp very short workpieces on the front of the sleeve. There is no axial movement of the clamping sleeve during operation. This model also feature high torque transmission and concentricity. Both the EM-A and EM-B models are ideal for turning, milling, grinding and gear cutting applications.

EM-S models are power operated segment sleeve mandrels that are perfect for volume production and hard turning/grinding with wear resistant, case hardened and vulcanized clamping sleeves. Axial pull down by the axial clamping movement of the clamping sleeve provides superior face run out.

Custom Fit for Specific Applications
While our standard line is as good as they come for most jobs, when you need to match the clamping shape precisely to the workpiece, custom workholding is the best approach. Our customized collets and mandrels are designed and manufactured with your unique application and exact tolerances in mind.

Seeing a growing need in the industry for custom solutions, especially in the automotive market, our office in Germany has just opened a new division in the Black Forest devoted mainly to developing custom collets and mandrels, bringing on a team with decades of experience. Working in tandem with our engineering team here in Wheeling, IL, we are able to double the amount of talent we can bring to bear on your most challenging bar and tubular turning issues.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs, please contact us.