South Texas Service Center Helps Keep Oil Flowing

IMG_0657No matter how much oil is in the ground, without OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods), it’s not going anywhere. OCTG consists of drill pipe, casing, oil pipes, delivery tubing, etc., that bring oil to the surface and transport it to refineries. To keep the oil fields in constant supply of OCTG, machining centers work 24/7. If the production line goes down due to a workholding problem, you could be looking at almost half a million dollars down the drain over three shifts! Needless to say, fast repairs are of the utmost importance to oil country customers.

Location, Location, Location

As fast as we can react to requests for service, sending technicians from our headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois to oil country was taking too much time. Three years ago, the decision was made to open a dedicated service center in Conroe, Texas. Located 40 miles north of Houston, the facility, which opened for business in 2015, was selected for its accessibility to oilfields in Texas and Louisiana.


The Conroe location serves customers in the southern United States from North Carolina to California. With the Gulf Coast area having the highest concentration of pneumatic workholding in our customer base, the team specializes in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. But we also install, service and repair all of our workholding products. We can handle almost every situation out of this center. The only exception is in instances where workholding needs to go back to the factory for machining.

IMG_0299Service Plus

With testing machines and a full inventory of parts on-site, response and repair turnaround has improved dramatically. Our oil country customers can now receive same day service 7 days a week. Since our customers work 24/7, so does the repair team. If a part is needed for an emergency at two in the morning, we have the ability to open up shop and pull it from the available stock.

Due to the tremendous demand, service is first come first served, but our team has become very adept at working around schedules to keep our customers operational. When demand grows, we can still draw on techs from the home office to lend a hand.

“Meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers is a cornerstone of our business model,” said Gary Downs, President of SMW Autoblok. “The Conroe service center is a perfect example of this principle in action.”

If you would like to discuss your service requirements in oil country or anywhere in the United States, please contact us.