SMW TX Series: TX-RV and TX-C

txc_mainFor exceptional parallelism and productivity, SMW Autoblok’s TX Series chucks are top of the line. The TX-RV and the TX-C are high precision pull-down chucks with a rigid 3-jaw design, providing excellent repeatability within 0.0005”.

The TX Series is ideal for inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) clamping offering optimal stability and centrifugal force compensation. With active pull-down, a function only offered by SMW Autoblok, these chucks perform three operations. The pre-clamping function centralizes the chuck, the work piece is then pulled down onto locators, and finally it is clamped firmly into place.

tx-rvThe TX-C is a tongue and groove chuck, while the TX-RV is a quick jaw change chuck, which can be reconfigured effortlessly for superior flexibility. Additionally, both the TX-C and the TX-RV allow for milling and turning on the same chuck for maximum production efficiency.

The TX Series comes fully sealed as part of our Proofline Series of chucks, greatly reducing overall maintenance versus the competition. Plus the permanent lubrication offered by these oil filled chucks helps maintain consistent grip force shift after shift.

With a longer lifetime and optimal productivity, our TX Series ensures consistent quality of work pieces to keep your production running smoothly.