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  • High Accuracy Chucks: Repeatable Results for Quality Parts

    Quality turning results are never “one and done.” Precision on the production line requires workholding that can maintain a high level of accuracy job after job. Most industries (and especially those like aerospace, automotive and OCTG) now demand chucks with built-in “repeatability.” In this article, we’ll look at some of our products that rate at the top end on the accuracy scale.

    d-varioDiaphragm Chucks
    Whenever there is an application that requires enhanced centering accuracy and concentricity, consistent clamping force or centering accuracy for secondary operations, the diaphragm chuck is the ideal solution.

    Unlike standard chucks that rely on the wedge and master jaw linkage for clamping, the diaphragm chuck relies on elastic deformation; expanding, contracting and using resistance to hold work pieces in place. With the absence of sliding parts, the diaphragm chuck needs no lubrication, and offers a more consistent grip force, time after time, accurately repeating within 10 microns.

    Giving super high-precision turning, grinding or milling operations a superior final finish, the D-Plus Diaphragm Chuck is ideal for shaft type work pieces, such as input and output shafts, where sub-micron accuracy is mandatory.

    The D-VARIO is a quick jaw change diaphragm chuck specifically made for the grinding of gears. Speed is not achieved at the expense of quality, though. Micrometer fine adjustment of the centerline makes high precision grinding possible.

    txc_mainTX Series Chucks
    Subtle variations can make a big difference when you are clamping workpieces with a high demand for parallelism (the minimum degree of variance parallel to an origin point).

    For exceptional parallelism and productivity, our TX Series chucks are top of the line. The TX-RV (quick jaw change) and the TX-C (tongue and grove) are high precision pull-down chucks with a rigid 3-jaw design, providing excellent repeatability within 12 microns.

    The TX Series is ideal for inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) clamping, offering optimal stability and centrifugal force compensation. With active pull-down, a function only offered by SMW Autoblok, these chucks perform three operations. The pre-clamping function centralizes the chuck, the work piece is then pulled down onto locators, and finally it is clamped firmly into place.

    The TX Series comes fully sealed as part of our Proofline Series of chucks, greatly reducing overall maintenance versus the competition. Plus, the permanent lubrication offered by these oil filled chucks helps maintain consistent grip force shift after shift.

    Here at SMW Autoblok, we don’t settle for just being close. We hold precision to the highest standard, ensuring that all of our chucks turn with microns in mind. To round out our list of highly accurate offerings, we present the AcuGrind High Precision Air Chuck.

    With a built-in pneumatic actuating cylinder, the AcuGrind is ideal for tight tolerance turning and grinding applications. We take the stress out of manufacturing high precision parts for the automotive and medical industries by providing accuracy to +/- 2 microns, shaping ultra-reliable parts in every cycle.

    The AcuGrind can perform both ID and OD clamping applications utilizing a boring ring and pin. Its case-hardened base jaws allow for extra rigidity and repeatability within 2 microns. If you’re looking for a chuck to handle your most precise finishing, the AcuGrind is the perfect choice.

    There are enough variables in a machine shop that affect quality results, from tool life to the ambient temperature. The performance of our high accuracy chucks is one of the few constants you can always depend on. If you would like to discuss your particular needs, please contact us.

  • Visit Us at Area Trade Shows This October

    For anyone interested in quality workholding in the Midwest and South, we’ll be visiting the top regional trade shows in your area next month. We certainly hope you’ll be able to drop by and chat with your local SMW Autoblok representatives about what’s new in our product line. Offering a wide range of innovations, the following are just a couple workholding solutions we are planning to showcase:

    Oaps (1)ur APS Zero Point Clamping System reduces set up times up to 90%. Our system utilizes lubricated/compressed air for release and springs for clamping only; no compressed air is required in locked or clamped positions, which allows for positioning and clamping in one operation with repeatable accuracy within 5 microns.

    Along with our other standard core product, the APS Zero Point Clamping System will be on display at the following shows:


    Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology


    Wichita Industrial Trade Show




    Osjl_2_1ur whirlwind tour doesn’t stop there. At the end of October we will also be exhibiting at Gear Expo, a premier exhibition serving drive technology experts and power transmission professionals, where we will be featuring our SJL Equalizing Power Chucks. Ideal for clamping deformation sensitive components, the SJL series provides superior 6-jaw (2+2+2) clamping with high radial and axial clamping accuracy and self-centering capabilities. The system is part of our Proofline® series and is fully sealed for reduced maintenance.

    Also on display at Gear Expo will be specific products from our quality line of diaphragm chucks. With the absence of sliding parts, these chucks need no lubrication and offer a more consistent grip force, accurately repeating within 10 microns.


    Gear Expo


    We welcome the opportunity to talk about any workholding challenges you may be experiencing. We’ll also be networking with local workholding professionals who might be interested in meeting new members of our growing team.

    For more information, contact us; otherwise we look forward to seeing you at any of these upcoming shows.

  • When to Use A Diaphragm Chuck

    Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 12.46.13 PMMuch like the diaphragm in a human body contracts and retracts to draw, or “suction,” air into our lungs, the diaphragm chuck works in a similar fashion. Unlike standard chucks that rely on the wedge and master jaw linkage for clamping, the diaphragm chuck relies on elastic deformation; expanding, contracting and using resistance to hold work pieces in place. With the absence of sliding parts, the diaphragm chuck needs no lubrication, and offers a more consistent grip force, time after time, accurately repeating within 10 microns.

    The extreme accuracy and repeatability of this chuck, makes it ideal for a number of applications.

    Hard Turning of Gears

    After a part comes back from heat treat, manufacturers would previously need to grind the bore of a gear to make it true to the pitch line of the tooth form. The centering accuracy of the diaphragm chuck, however, allows manufacturers to skip the grinding process altogether, saving both time in the production process and money. The diaphragm chuck was originally developed for this specific application, making it a target market for this automotive process.

    Centering Accuracy for Secondary Operations

    For a more efficient turning, hard serrated jaws are able to clamp raw material in the first turning operation, while a diaphragm chuck can be utilized in a secondary operation. The diaphragm chuck can offer repeatable centering accuracy when clamping on to the machined surfaced of a qualified component.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 12.49.18 PMGears with Thin Walls

    Diaphragm chucks are not historically recommended for thin walled applications, due to the deformation that could be caused by the clamping forces. However, the SMW Autoblok D-KOMBI® Diaphragm Chuck provides radial centering and clamping of the work piece in conjunction with swing clamps for axial clamping, as well as the with the diaphragm clamping force. By distributing the forces axially across the part, the work piece is far less likely to be deformed radially.

    Whenever there is an application that requires enhanced centering accuracy and concentricity, consistent clamping force or for centering accuracy on secondary operations, the diaphragm chuck is the ideal solution. The quick change features of our SMW Autoblok diaphragm chucks offers the ability to swap jaws in mere minutes, as well as a center locator creating a Z plane to adjust for the height and diameter variation of the gears. These features allow for overall increased productivity in addition to the accurate, reliable and repeatable nature of the diaphragm chuck itself.

  • Thin Walled Workpieces: Speeding Up the Process

    typedkombi_mainDoes hard turning or grinding easily deformed workpieces slow down your production line? Are you still looking for a clamping system that allows you to maintain a high level of productivity while decreasing the number of scrapped components? We have just what you’ve been looking for.

    Our D-Kombi® quick jaw change diaphragm chuck was specifically designed to solve the challenge of clamping thin walled components. We started with the time-proven quick jaw change design of our D-Chuck series, then added centering jaws, swing clamps and an integrated axial clamping drive actuated by a double piston cylinder. The result is a design that allows for both radial centering/clamping of the work piece utilizing the diaphragm jaws and axial clamping with swing clamps employing axial compensation.

    The jaws are factory finished, and can be interchanged with any chuck with no loss of concentricity. That means you never, ever have to grind or bore jaws on the chuck! By eliminating boring and/or grinding, set-up time for jaws, swing-clamps and workstop change is just five minutes.

    For maximum productivity and minimal maintenance, the diaphragm is made from special steel for the longest lifetime possible. The D-Kombi® is also part of our Proofline® series, which means the entire system is sealed to protect against the penetration of dust, dirt and debris. Additionally, by allowing radial access to the quick change mechanism, it makes this chuck ideal for pick-up machines.

    With simple adjustments, the D-Kombi® can also be set up for radial clamping only. Other features include:

    -Quick change of swing clamps via bajonet

    -Separate actuation of the diaphragm jaws and the axial swing-clamps

    -Quick jaw system utilizes the proven ABS coupling (licensed from Komet)

    -Size range: 8" - 12" (210mm - 315mm)

    -Number of jaws: 3 jaws

    -Flat gripping force curve

    Never sacrifice speed and efficiency for quality when working with deformed thin walled workpieces again. The D-Kombi® Diaphragm Chuck is just another example of how SMW Autoblok is constantly looking for reliable solutions to your machining challenges. Contact us for more information.

  • New Product Spotlight: D-plus Diaphragm Chuck

    Why is it that Autoblok, our parent company, has been the leading manufacturer of workholding, clamping, and tooling solutions since 1942—and is the largest power chuck manufacturer in Europe? One of the reasons is because we are truly committed to innovation, always creating new products DPlus Wst weiss neu2 (2)that utilize the latest technology and offer solutions to our clients’ needs.

    One of our newest products is the D-plus line of diaphragm chucks, sophisticated tools for the machining of shaft type work pieces and for pitchline clamping or external clamping. Our D-plus chucks feature a quick jaw change system, an integrated jaw carrier, an adjustable center point to support the work piece, and more.

    They offer many benefits to users as a result of their design. The quick jaw change system means minimal set-up times, and come with the backing of SMW Autoblok’s established, superior diaphragm clamping technology.

    Specific features of the D-plus include:

        Open center for clamping shaft type work pieces

         The center point to support the work piece is integrated into the spindle flange

         Quick jaw change and centrifugal force compensation

         Jaw system for pitchline clamping or external clamping as standard

         Special cylinder to actuate the diaphragm chuck

         Large/small piston area for opening/clamping

         Rotary unions for 1 or 2 media

         Linear positioning system LPS to monitor the piston stroke

    We are confident that this latest product represents the advanced technology and design that all of our products are known for, and are excited to add it to our line of offerings. If you want to know more about the D-plus chuck, contact us with any questions.

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