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  • Trade in Old Workholding for Cash and a Brand New Chuck

    All of us have traded in at least one old clunker and driven off the lot with a brand new car. It just makes sense and saves money in the long run. But have you ever thought about trading in your rusty old chuck for a new SMW Autoblok KNCS-N or BHM Chuck?

    Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 4.06.06 PMOur Lathe Stimulus Package trade-in program was established in 2009 for precisely the same reasons that car dealers have theirs. Boost sales and get the customer familiar with the advantages of our products. The program was originally set up as a one year experiment, but has proven so successful that it was renewed in 2010 and today is more popular than ever.

    The Deal

    As outlined on our website, this offer is not available to OEM’s, distributors and specific customers. But most end users can benefit from trading in their old power chuck (from any manufacturer, in any condition) for cash back on a new KNCS-N Quick Jaw Change Chuck or BHM Open Center Power Chuck.

    Besides the trade-in value, both chucks offer productivity that will increase the value of the deal for years to come.

    $$$ Off The KNCS-N

    Get cash back towards the purchase of a new KNCS-N Quick Jaw Change Chuck. The KNCS-N is the world’s most popular quick jaw change chuck. Chuck jaws can be changed out in less than a minute, and the built-in safety interlock prevents accidental jaw release by ensuring that jaw serrations are fully engaged before actuation. Click here for complete details on the KNCS-N promotion.

    Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 4.06.19 PM$$$ Off the BHM

    Get cash back towards the purchase of a new BHM Power Chuck. Featuring a large through hole, the BHM is ideal for open-center or partial open-center clamping. Gripping force transmission is via wedge hook, providing tremendous grip. Click here for complete details on the BHM promotion.

    How It Works

    Mike Wood, Sales Territory Coordinator for North America said, “Sometimes it’s hard for machining professionals to give up the cherished chucks they have used for decades,” he said. “But after we walk through the catalog and they see the advantages, both in ease of use and productivity, they are usually open to the suggestion.”

    Once the new chuck package is confirmed and the trade-in is agreed upon, the customer ships the old workholding piece to us. We credit the customer’s account or send a refund check once the trade-in chuck is received.

    The trade-in program is unique in the industry and just another example of how hard we work to build relationships with our customers. Customers tell Mike he is the only vendor they hear from after the sale.

    Driving It Home

    We can’t promise the new car smell, but we can promise increased productivity, the superior service of our sales and tech team, and money back in your pocket up front. It’s hard to find anything wrong with a deal like that.

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