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  • KNCS-2G Quick Jaw Change Chuck

    KNCS-2GSealed, clamped, and ready to turn—the next generation of quick jaw change chucks has arrived. The newest addition to the series, the KNCS-2G, offers the same superior flexibility, minimal set up times, and high repeatability as the original KNCS-N, but with added protection and efficiency, making it ideal for mass production applications.

    With its optimized lubrication system, the KNCS-2G will save you time and money in repairs and upkeep. The original KNCS-N needed lubrication every shift, but the 2G’s optimized jaw guide ways make lubrication necessary only every third shift. Additional channels and grease pockets in the jaw guide ways help the chuck operate for longer, while seals in the chuck body and base jaws of the KNCS-2G provide an extra defense against dust and debris.

    The chamfered guide ways of the KNCS-2G allow you to quickly switch out jaws, making it extremely flexible for operations needing multiple jaw changes. The ability to interchange with the standard KNCS-N offers added flexibility by allowing existing master jaws to be used without sealing. These features, in combination with a low loss of grip force due to centrifugal force, make this chuck perfect for high-speed applications. With minimum set up times and maximum cost-efficiency, the KNCS-2G is the most flexible production chuck in the world.

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