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  • SMW Autoblok Chuck Trade In Program is Like Free Money!


    Trade-in allowance, rebate, cash back – whatever you call it, our trade-in program means money in your pocket! Don’t leave cash on the table. If you need a new chuck, this is the perfect time to buy. We’ll deliver a brand new model, with all the advantages of updated technology, and take your old model in trade. Get up to 10% of the value of your obsolete workholding. That’s like money for nothing! 

    How does it work?
    Call in and say you’re interesting in a new chuck and mention the cash back/ trade in program*. While in year’s past, this program was limited only to specific chucks, we’ve opened it up to any of our chucks, steady rests, or cylinders. We’ll enter the information in the quote and tell you the amount you’ll receive. Nothing could be easier. Once the trade-in chuck is received we will credit your account or send a refund check.

    One of Our Most Popular Programs
    Our trade-in program is unique in the industry and just another example of how hard we work to build relationships with our customers. It was established in 2009 as a one-year experiment, but has proven so successful that it has been renewed ever since and today is more popular than ever

    If you’d like to speed up production and get cash for your old clunker chuck, contact us today.

    *As outlined on our website, this offer is not available to OEM’s, distributors and specific customers.


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