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  • Workholding: We Rank the Best Chucks from 2018

    SMW chuck collageBetween IMTS and the way our business continues to grow, it seems like this past year has just flown by. Before we wrap things up for the holidays and start looking towards 2019, we thought it might be interesting to stop for a moment and reflect on the outstanding chucks of the past 12 months. So, here’s our ranking of the top 5 models of the year.

    #1: KNCS-N/ KNCS-NB/ KNCS-2G
    At the head of the list again is our best-selling chuck series. The top quick jaw change chuck on the market – with jaws that can be changed out in less than a minute. Robust, versatile and agile, it continues to sell well across all industry segments.

    #2: BB-N / BB-N-ES
    The BB-N-ES was the first chuck specifically developed for end machining of long pipe with a full spindle bore. Perfect for oil and gas applications. It was made possible by two principles invented by SMW Autoblok, air supply via distributor ring and SMW-profile seal rings.

    #3: SP
    Smaller versions of the BB-N style chucks with OCTG being the primary market, these chucks are also handy for use in static or near static applications because of their built-in air cylinder. They are ideal for rotary tables/indexers in milling applications as well.

    #4: NT Series
    The NT chuck is a completely sealed Proofline® product, making them ideal for dry machining of castings and forgings, as well as high pressure coolant applications. Very popular in the automotive industry, especially for wheel and brake component work.

    #5: TS Series
    Our premier pull down chuck, this style fits best in production environments with high parallelism and perpendicularity call outs. Their constant grip force ensures consistent quality of workpieces. Automotive and aerospace applications are common, but they are becoming a force in the medical segment as well.

    Too Good to Ignore
    Honorable mention goes to our Steady Rest products, our new APS Zero Point Clamping System and the Cylinder series. We’ve seen increased interest in each of these product lines this past year.

    Onward to 2019
    No one can tell what the future will bring, but it’s certain that our engineers and sales teams will never stop looking for ways to better meet your workholding needs. If you have a special requirement, give us a call.

  • These Proofline® Chucks Shrug Off Harsh Operating Environments

    Some chucks just can't cope when the going gets grungy. You know the type of job - dry bp-d_bp-mmachining of castings and forgings; or when high-pressure coolant is used. Nasty stuff! These kinds of conditions usually mean long periods of downtime for maintenance and reduced productivity as debris builds up quickly on internal components. But don't lose sleep (or money) when the chips fly and swarf gums up the work. We have some outstanding players from our Proofline® Series (models AP, BP and NT) that are much better suited for extreme environments than the products that come standard with your CNC Machines.

    Extra Tough Chucks for Every Application

    What kind of machining do you do? Since there is no such thing as a “standard” application, we apm_mainoffer a wide range of sealed workholding that are perfect for dirty jobs so you can select the one that best fits your unique requirements. They all come in a variety of master jaw options, including tongue & groove (C), metric serration (M) or inch serration (D).

    AP chucks are ideal for mid to large batch production applications. BP style chucks have a through hole, which makes them ideal for general use on standard lathes. NT chucks feature centrifugal force compensation, making them particularly well suited for high speed machining and/or for fragile parts or thin walled components.

    Like all of our Proofline® Series, these chucks come to your plant fully sealed to keep out even the worst grime, dirt and abrasive swarf. Unlike standard workholding, these rugged chucks soldier on with limited wear in the toughest conditions while maintaining consistent clamping forces and high repeatability.

    ntc_mainNo More Stop & Lube

    Standard chucks need to be maintained every day, sometimes even at the beginning of each shift! Often, maintenance is skipped altogether, leading to a loss of grip and subsequent productivity and quality. All Proofline® Series workholding only need to be serviced once every 1,000 working hours. Imagine that time savings each and every day! That’s money in the bank!

    Unmatched Value

    Proofline® Series Chucks are the most advanced products on the market, not only offering low maintenance and long life, but unmatched accuracy, speed, safety and reliability. While the competition still has nothing like them, we have had sealed products in our catalog since 2003.

    If harsh conditions are wearing out your workholding faster than you would like, step up to one of our Proofline® models. If you’d like additional information, please contact us.

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