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  • SMW Autoblok Prepares All-Star Lineup for IMTS 2018

    IMTS2018The SMW Autoblok headquarters is buzzing with activity as we prepare for IMTS 2018. The action all happens at McCormick Place in Chicago on September 10 – 15. Plus we’re pumped about our new and more prominent location in the West Hall, Booth# 431700.

    We will be welcoming visitors and giving demonstrations in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Whatever the language, though, there will definitely be a lot to talk about. Here’s a little preview of some of the innovations that will be highlighted on our show floor this year.

    Precision Vises

    Want to reduce the waste of raw materials and minimize deformation? Check out our GENIUS and SINTEX precision vises for 5-axis machine tools. Both feature our patented SinterGrip technology, which requires only 3.5mm of clamping surface. A series of solid carbide serrated inserts grip the workpiece securely. This allows higher cutting speed and feed rates for increased metal removal rates.

    aps (1)


    Zero Point Clamping
    Looking for maximum grip during heavy duty machining applications? Be sure to see the APS (Automatic Positioning System) at IMTS. The APS Zero Point Clamping System is a universal connection between the machine tool, the clamping device and/or the workpiece. It locks into position by lining up pins on the clamping device or the workpiece with holes on the chuck. When joined, the combination is automatically positioned to the zero point. The APS can be used for turning, milling, measuring or grinding.

    One-of-a-kind Chucksbp-d_bp-m

    Need a sealed chuck with a large through hole? The BP Series Chuck is the only one of its kind in the industry. BP Chucks combine the flexibility of a standard open center power chuck with the long life and precision of our Proofline® sealed chucks, making it ideal for bar and bar stock clamping as well as shaft clamping. Their constant grip force allows for excellent repeatability and consistency, whereas non-sealed chucks can lose up to 50% of the grip force if not maintained properly. Sealed chucks require minimal maintenance intervention to provide premium performance.

    These devices are only the high points. Make sure to add SMW Autoblok to your MyShow Planner and visit us at IMTS in Booth# 431700 for a complete workholding experience.

  • These Proofline® Chucks Shrug Off Harsh Operating Environments

    Some chucks just can't cope when the going gets grungy. You know the type of job - dry bp-d_bp-mmachining of castings and forgings; or when high-pressure coolant is used. Nasty stuff! These kinds of conditions usually mean long periods of downtime for maintenance and reduced productivity as debris builds up quickly on internal components. But don't lose sleep (or money) when the chips fly and swarf gums up the work. We have some outstanding players from our Proofline® Series (models AP, BP and NT) that are much better suited for extreme environments than the products that come standard with your CNC Machines.

    Extra Tough Chucks for Every Application

    What kind of machining do you do? Since there is no such thing as a “standard” application, we apm_mainoffer a wide range of sealed workholding that are perfect for dirty jobs so you can select the one that best fits your unique requirements. They all come in a variety of master jaw options, including tongue & groove (C), metric serration (M) or inch serration (D).

    AP chucks are ideal for mid to large batch production applications. BP style chucks have a through hole, which makes them ideal for general use on standard lathes. NT chucks feature centrifugal force compensation, making them particularly well suited for high speed machining and/or for fragile parts or thin walled components.

    Like all of our Proofline® Series, these chucks come to your plant fully sealed to keep out even the worst grime, dirt and abrasive swarf. Unlike standard workholding, these rugged chucks soldier on with limited wear in the toughest conditions while maintaining consistent clamping forces and high repeatability.

    ntc_mainNo More Stop & Lube

    Standard chucks need to be maintained every day, sometimes even at the beginning of each shift! Often, maintenance is skipped altogether, leading to a loss of grip and subsequent productivity and quality. All Proofline® Series workholding only need to be serviced once every 1,000 working hours. Imagine that time savings each and every day! That’s money in the bank!

    Unmatched Value

    Proofline® Series Chucks are the most advanced products on the market, not only offering low maintenance and long life, but unmatched accuracy, speed, safety and reliability. While the competition still has nothing like them, we have had sealed products in our catalog since 2003.

    If harsh conditions are wearing out your workholding faster than you would like, step up to one of our Proofline® models. If you’d like additional information, please contact us.

  • “Low Maintenance” Doesn’t Mean “No Maintenance” in Proofline Series Chucks

    GERMANY 70There are two types of sealed chucks that we manufacture: oil bath chucks and grease chucks. The perk of each of these is that they need zero daily maintenance versus other standard chucks. Standard chucks need to be maintained every day, sometimes even at the beginning of each shift. Our sealed chucks eliminate maintenance time, and improve productivity.

    Oil Bath Chucks

    The sealed feature of the oil bath chucks allow for the internal mechanisms to be coated in oil at all times within the closed interior, ensuring proper grip force and preventing pre-mature wear. Since they’re sealed, the interior of the chuck is protected from dirt, coolant and swarf from the working environment.

    To maintain, take oil bath chucks completely apart every 3,000 working hours or every 300,000 cycles. Clean the interior and replace all seals and oil. Make sure you’re cautious when changing the oil and refer to your manual for refill levels. It is important to note that vertical and horizontal positioning of the chuck make a difference in the amount of oil needed in order to keep the internal mechanisms covered in oil. Also remember to check your oil levels periodically, as it can be difficult to see a leak when coolants are present. These tips will ensure that you will not wear your chuck out prematurely.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 2.33.23 PMGrease Chucks

    Grease chucks are different in that they need to have fresh grease added to them periodically. The grease for these chucks contains our K67 grease, a mixture of lithium and other vital mineral oils, which can only be purchased from SMW Autoblok directly. A pump or two on each jaw at each time of maintenance should be sufficient, but make absolutely certain that you do not over-grease them during the process of maintaining your chuck. Since the chuck is sealed, there is nowhere for excess grease to go, resulting in a blockage of the internal mechanisms, and thus a loss of grip force.

    Grease chucks need to be greased every 1,000 work hours or every 100,000 clamping and unclamping movements. Doing so will help maintain the integrity of the internal working parts and allow for proper grip force. Grease chucks must also be disassembled and cleaned periodically after 300,000 cycles or sooner in harsher working environments.

    Bottom line? SMW Autoblok’s Proofline series chucks are the most advanced products on the market, offering unmatched accuracy, speed, safety and reliability. With some very simple maintenance, these sealed chucks ensure that your shop floor will achieve top performance, with dramatically reduced downtime.

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