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  • I.T. Function Keeps SMW Autoblok Operations Humming

    If you’re like the majority of employees out there, you don’t think much about the computer system at work until something goes wrong. Then, like most people, you yell for the “I.T. guy.”

    At SMW Autoblok, computers are the mechanical brains that keep almost every aspect of the company running to maximum productivity. In the year 2000, we hired Infor Corp Computer Solutions to upgrade our system so we could take advantage of our growth as a company and completely integrate the manufacturing and accounting functions. It was a big jump to a much more complex system. But by bringing on former Infor Corp consultant, Bill Yakubovich, to the SMW Autoblok team, he has monitored the company’s I.T. function, managing internal and outside vendor resources and keeping the system functioning to a “T”.

    2The original Infor Corp software has gone through many upgrades since it was installed 16 years ago. The investment in this technology was well worth it for the seamless integration of our manufacturing/accounting operations. The system now controls almost every aspect of our workday. It schedules work orders, checks inventory for parts, reschedules jobs if components are missing and tracks the progress of each project and performs many other office and human resource type duties.

    Not only is the system the mainstay of our in-plant operations, it also provides a host of benefits to our customers. By keeping our customers informed of the progress of their orders at all times, it minimizes any surprises. The system advises when work orders are in progress, conducts a series of automatic checks and rechecks to confirm that the work is complete and accurate, tracks deliveries, generates an invoice and delivers it electronically. It also sends each customer a statement on a monthly basis.

    Our software is especially helpful when it comes to companies with multiple facilities, or ones that have accumulated numerous payment centers due to mergers or acquisitions. Our system allows them to combine invoices for a variety of operations and pay them all with one check from a centralized location.

    Customers can also make partial payments or deposits and have them credited to the proper account. We are working on a function that allows for paperless payment as well. All of these billing programs help our customers manage their cash flow and leave a clean paper (or paperless) trail for audits.

    “Our Infor Corp system is very sophisticated,” said Bill. “But we monitor it carefully to ensure that each aspect operates at peak performance on a daily basis.” Thanks to the diligence of Bill and his team, frantic calls to the “I.T. guy” are kept at a minimum.

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