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  • The RX Extra Compact Steady Rest is Tiny, but Tough

    RXBigger is not always better. Especially when you’re working with machines that have limited mounting space for workholders. Granted, you need something small, but it still has to have a big bite. That’s why we designed our new RX steady rest line with the largest clamping range possible within minimum overall dimensions.

    The secret to the extra compact proportions of the RX is an innovative double cam actuating mechanism. This enables the RX to be built in a shape that avoids interference with operations by clearing both the door and chip conveyer of the machine. An integrated actuating cylinder completes the trim, but efficient, package.

    Although small in size, the RX has a high level of centering accuracy and repeatability. Productivity is also enhanced by features like a fully sealed design and an integrated coolant flush to clear away chips. This makes the RX steady rest the ideal accessory for any CNC lathe.

    The RX comes standard with stroke control via a proximity switch and is available with a clamping range from 100-520mm.

    It’s always nice to have a strong friend in a tight spot, so don’t compromise size for power. With our RX extra compact steady rest series, you don’t have to give up one for the other.

  • Top Five Maintenance Tips to Maximize Steady Rest Performance

    Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 8.29.00 AMSteady rests manufactured by SMW Autoblok are among the best workholders you can buy. But even the finest piece of machinery will lose productivity if not maintained correctly. And while our service professionals would love to pay you a visit, here are some suggestions on how to avoid unnecessary service calls and bolster your bottom line by keeping unexpected downtime to a minimum.

    Tip # 1: Lubricate

    Lube! Lube! Lube! The most important thing you can do to keep your steady rest working smoothly is to keep it well lubricated. We can’t stress this enough. Proper lubrication protects the rollers – the heart and soul of the system – from wearing out prematurely or even burning out during a run. The definition of “proper” will vary depending on the environment you are working in. If you make short runs and keep your shop as clean as an operating room, you can probably get away with lubing once a day. But, if your steady rest is working continuously with exposure to coolant, chips or other contaminants, you might have to stop and apply the proper lubrication every 20 minutes. In more extreme environments, you might have to lube as often as every 5 minutes!

    Tip # 2: Automate the Lubrication Process

    Human nature being what it is, constantly stopping a run every five minutes or so to manually service each grease nipple with a standard grease gun rarely happens. Even if it does, the lost time adds up quickly and productivity drops. That’s why SMW Autoblok recommends that you include an automatic centralized lubrication system when you purchase a steady rest. The automatic system consists of an oiler with a timer that sends pressured lube through ports to rollers and the upper, middle and lower arms. The system is factory set to 60 lube cycles per hour. All the operator has to do is ensure that the oil reservoir is full. Adding air pressure to the system provides the added benefit of continuously purging contamination such as dirt and swarf from the vital areas.

    Tip # 3: Don’t Over Clamp

    Follow the guidelines in the manual for minimum and maximum pressure to apply when clamping a workpiece into the steady rest. Too much pressure will cause rollers to heat up, wear prematurely and lose center position. It can also damage piston seals, causing leaks inside the piston and a loss of pressure. Under-clamping can create slippage between the rollers and the workpiece, diminishing accuracy and productivity.

    Tip # 4: Don’t Skip Standard Annual Maintenance

    Every steady rest should be taken apart and inspected at least once a year to check the guideways, rollers and other internal parts for damage and wear. At that time, all seals should be replaced with seals from a SMW Autoblok Steady Rest Supply Kit. Make sure all the lubrication lines are clear and free of debris that could keep the lubrication from reaching the internal parts. Clean all components with SMW Autoblok Solvent or a comparable commercial product.

    Tip # 5: Look for Hidden Damage

    If the operating machine or the steady rest is subjected to any type of accidental impact, it should be broken down and inspected immediately for any hidden damage to internal parts. Any arms or lines that have been cut or distorted should be replaced for safety and proper mechanical operation.

    Smooth Rolling

    By following these five tips, you can help your SMW Autoblok Steady Rest give you years of valuable service. They will also save you time and money by minimizing unscheduled service calls and maximize profit by allowing the workholder to operate at peak efficiency on a daily basis.

  • Keep Heavy Stock Centered with SMW Autoblok’s CL Series

    SRCL What’s one of the toughest challenges a machinist can face? Many professionals agree it’s creating a precision workpiece out of large, round, heavy stock. This process is especially difficult because a massive piece of round stock constantly changes diameter and loses weight as material is removed. These inherent changes, along with the considerable force required to machine large pieces, cause the center of the stock to shift throughout the run. Without continuous adjustment to the center line, the workpiece will not meet the proper design dimensions. The technique required is similar to tuning a guitar while you are playing it.

    SMW Autoblok offers a complete line of products specifically designed to compensate for the displacement of large workpieces during machining. The steady rests and chucks in the Center Line (CL) series allow you to make micrometer-fine adjustments to the turning center while the work piece remains clamped. With the center line adjusted, the piece can be machined and delivered well within specified tolerances.

    The SR-CL steady rest can make both horizontal and vertical fine adjustment of heavy workpieces into the turning center while clamped. If adjustment is not needed, it can also be locked into position. The SR-CL is interchangeable with the SLU-X and SR series.

    -Sealed body for low maintenance
    -Rapid actuating cylinder
    -Integrated coolant flush for all 3 rollers
    -Chip guard with coolant nozzles

    The KNCS-NBX is a high precision power chuck with quick jaw change capabilities. It is designed for machining heavy workpieces, especially those with high concentricity callout, large weight changes during the run or the need for additional grip force.

    -Quick jaw change
    -Large through hole
    -Wide master jaws—radial fine adjustment
    -High flexibility—jaws radially adjustable and reversible
    -Fine adjustment is radially displaceable for different workpiece diameters.

    HG-N CL

    HGN CL PalThe HG-N CL is perfect for mill-turn machining with the highest true running accuracy. It is helpful when centering accuracy of the chuck is insufficient or changes during machining, and when large workpieces will not center due to their weight.

    -Uses standard wedge bar chucks
    -Easy set up through buildup of the centering device on the chuck body
    -Easy adjustment
    -Distribution of clamping force onto 6 contact points

    SMW Autoblok offers the most comprehensive line of chucks, cylinders, mandrels, steady rests and live tools in the world. For more information on the Center Line series, or to view our complete line of workholding solutions, view our catalog overview.

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