The RX Extra Compact Steady Rest is Tiny, but Tough

RXBigger is not always better. Especially when you’re working with machines that have limited mounting space for workholders. Granted, you need something small, but it still has to have a big bite. That’s why we designed our new RX steady rest line with the largest clamping range possible within minimum overall dimensions.

The secret to the extra compact proportions of the RX is an innovative double cam actuating mechanism. This enables the RX to be built in a shape that avoids interference with operations by clearing both the door and chip conveyer of the machine. An integrated actuating cylinder completes the trim, but efficient, package.

Although small in size, the RX has a high level of centering accuracy and repeatability. Productivity is also enhanced by features like a fully sealed design and an integrated coolant flush to clear away chips. This makes the RX steady rest the ideal accessory for any CNC lathe.

The RX comes standard with stroke control via a proximity switch and is available with a clamping range from 100-520mm.

It’s always nice to have a strong friend in a tight spot, so don’t compromise size for power. With our RX extra compact steady rest series, you don’t have to give up one for the other.