The SF-RAZ: Machine Perfect Couplings with One Set Up

SF-RAZ2G_grauOil is rarely found in convenient locations. Most often the target bed of shale rock is half a mile or more away from the drilling structure. The pressures generated by changes in direction, rocky substrata and gravity can cause leaking or even bursting of pipes that are threaded and joined together. Pipes extended with couplings are stronger, but there are some machining challenges. For strength, the threads of the couplings need to be timed perfectly to each other (exactly equal (concentric/ coaxial) from one side to the other). And since time is money, the process has to be fast.

Strength, precision and speed. You need a special chuck to make all this happen during the machining process. Our SF-RAZ 2-position hydraulic ring indexing chuck fits the bill.

Clamp Once, Machine Twice
Specifically developed for machining couplings in one set up, the SF-RAZ is designed for easy machining access to both sides of the coupling without operator intervention. This eliminates any loss of accuracy resulting from re-clamping after flipping and re-loading the coupling. The SF-RAZ clamps the coupling so it can be machined on the first side and then it rotates the coupling 180° so the other side can be machined. The coupling does not have to be clocked (re-oriented) for the second threading.

SF-RAZ_1The process takes less than five seconds, which is 7-10 seconds faster than flipping the coupler manually. That may not seem like much, but if you do the math, it’s quite a time saver over the course of a year.

Performance Plus
The SF-RAZ features an extremely accurate and rigid indexing mechanism; distributing the clamping forces over six jaws (three self centering and three compensating) for perfect roundness of the coupling – ideal for premium threads. It also has high-low clamping capabilities to switch from roughing to finishing. The SF-RAZ is available is size ranges from 30" - 41" (750 - 1050 mm).

For ease of operation, all functions are controlled by proximity switches and automatic central lubrication is standard. Large evacuation windows allow for easy chip evacuation.

If you would like to discuss the value our SF-RAZ 2-position hydraulic ring indexing chuck can bring to your operations, please contact us.