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  1. SRG / SRG-B

    SRG / SRG-B

    • Clamp Range: 3mm - 136mm
    The SRG is a grinding series steady rest designed to support shaft type workpieces on grinding machines. It is well suited for the machining of crankshafts and camshafts. The SRG allows for rapid alignment of the steady rest/work piece to the centerline with fine adjustment dials. It is follow down capable for applications with varying diameters.
    Learn More
  2. D-PLUS


    • Size Range: 260mm-315mm
    • Number of Jaws: 3 jaws
    • Through Hole: 32mm - 50mm
    • Centrifugal Force Compensation
    • OD or Pitch Line Clamping
    The first and only open center diaphragm chuck in the industry. Giving super high-precision turning, grinding or milling operations a superior final finish, the D-Plus Diaphragm chuck is ideal for shaft type work pieces, such as input and output shafts, where sub-micron accuracy is mandatory. Learn More
  3. Type D-VARIO

    Type D-VARIO

    • Size Range: 8" (215mm)
    • Fine adjustment of the center line
    • Key Lock System = Quick positioning of jaws for gears with different number of teeth
    • Jaws for pitch line or outside clamping
    • Proofline Sealed
    Type D-VARIO offers a Flexible solution for grinding with quick adjustment for short set up times. Learn More
  4. Type D

    Type D

    • Size Range: 8" - 12" (210mm - 315mm)
    • Number of Jaws: 3 Jaws
    • OD or Pitch Line Clamping
    • Centrifugal Force Compensation
    • Proofline Sealed
    Type D diaphragm clamping technology with quick jaw change at its best – for hard turning, grinding, high precision turning. Learn More
  5. Precision grippers G14 + G25 - G15 + G30

    Precision grippers G14 + G25 - G15 + G30

    • High Torque Transmission
    • TiN Coated High Speed Steel
    SMW Autoblok's Type G Precision Grippers have a stop surface for a controlled penetration of the grip tooth. The workpiece is clamped concentrically on the stop surface, so the clamping diameter and machining diameter are concentric. Learn More
  6. SIN-L


    • Up to 70 Bar
    • Central bore for air or coolant
    • Stroke control via proximity switch or LPS
    SIN-L Closed Center Rotating Hydraulic Cylinders are for the actuation of power chucks or clamping devices requiring a very long stroke, for example SMW Autoblok chucks such as the retractable jaw type W or GSA. Learn More
  7. FRS


    • Size Range: 215mm - 365mm
    • Number of Jaws: 3 Jaws
    • Self Centering
    • Rigid Jaws
    • Large Through Hole
    FRS Pull Down Chucks are designed for the self centering clamping of flange or shaft type workpieces where the reference point is not a center but the OD of the workpiece. The through hole of the chuck allows it to swallow the workpiece if needed. Due it its high rigidity against torsion, the chuck can be used for milling as well as turning. Learn More
  8. Grease for Manual Chucks, Power Chucks, Sealed Chucks

    Grease for Manual Chucks, Power Chucks, Sealed Chucks

    • Grease K67: For proofline Sealed Chucks
    • Grease Gun
    SMW Autoblok offers two types of grease for the maintenance and safe operations of our chucks. Learn More

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