• Closed Center Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Up to 7 bar
  • Stroke control
  • Safety valve optional
CSN Pneumatic Closed Center Cylinders are for the actuation of power chucks and special automated clamping equipment. They are for use on machines not equipped with hydraulic power, such as traditional lathes or special CNC machines.

Product Features

  • Operating pressure: 1 - 7 bar
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Air-manifold mounted on precision bearings
  • Stroke control via proximity switch
  • Double safety valve (option)
  • CSN 100 and CSN 150: mounting from the rear side
  • CSN 200 and CSN 250: mounting from the front side
  • An airservice unit with dryer, filter and oiler is needed

Standard Equipment

  • Closed center pneumatic cylinder
  • Stroke control
  • Proximity bracket (without proximity switch)