• Rotating Hydraulic Cylinder with Two Independent Pistons
  • Equal Piston Area and Stroke
  • Up to 70 bar
  • Central bore for air, coolant or oil
  • Stroke control via proximity switch or LPS
The DCE Hydraulic Double Piston Cylinders feature equal piston area and stroke. They are for a variety of applications including actuation of 2+2 power chucks with two piston actuation, actuation of power chucks with part ejectors, and actuation of power chucks with power operated centering fixtures.

Product Features

  • Double piston cylinders with 4-way oil manifold for separate actuation of the two cylinders
  • Pressure range: 8 - 70 bar
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Stroke control on each cylinder, safety valves
  • Central bore for coolant, oil or air with threading for rotary union
  • Mounting from the rear side with bolts
  • A 10µm filter in the pressure line is requested
  • Use oil HM32 ISO 3448

Standard Equipment

  • Double piston cylinder
  • Mounting screws
  • Stroke control on each cylinder
  • Proximity bracket (without proximity switch)