• Rotating Hydraulic Cylinder with Two Independent Pistons
  • Modular system for different piston strokes
  • Up to 70 Bar
  • Central bore for air or coolant
  • Stroke control via proximity switch or LPS
The DCN, DCU and DCR Hydraulic Double Piston Cylinders are for a variety of applications including the actuation of retractable jaw chucks with power operated face drivers, the actuation of power chucks with part ejectors, and the actuation of power chucks with retractable axial stops.

Product Features

  • Double piston cylinders with 4-way oil manifold for separate actuation of the two cylinders
  • DCN: Piston 1 - Long stroke, Piston 2 - Short Stroke
  • DCU: Piston 1 - Med stroke, Piston 2 - Med stroke
  • DCR: Piston 1 - Short Stroke, Piston 2 - Long Stroke Pressure range: 8 - 70 bar
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Stroke control on each cylinder, safety valves on the big cylinder
  • Central bore for coolant, oil or air with threading for rotary union
  • Mounting from the rear side with bolts
  • A 10µm filter in the pressure line is requested
  • Use oil HM32 ISO 3448

Standard Equipment

  • Double piston cylinder
  • Mounting screws
  • Stroke control on each cylinder
  • Proximity bracket (without proximity switch)