• Hand or Power Operated Expanding Mandrels
  • Size Range: 14.7mm - 129.7 mm
  • Large Expandability (1 - 2mm, depending on size)
  • Flange Mounting
  • Very Rigid Design
EM-A Expanding Mandrels feature high accuracy and torque transmission thanks to the fixed arbor, and are ideal for turning, milling, grinding and gear cutting applications. EM-A Expanding Mandrels achieve axial pulldown by axial movement of the clamping sleeve during actuation.

Product Features

  • Large expandability (1-2mm depending on size)
  • Hand or power operated
  • Flange mounting
  • Very rigid design
  • Tapped holes on the front face to mount axial stops
  • Clamping sleeves are also available in vulcanized versions

Standard Equipment

  • Basic mandrel with draw bolt for power operation
  • Mounting bolts