• Hand or Power Operated Expanding Mandrels
  • Size Range: 16mm - 129.7 mm
  • Large expandability (1 - 1.5mm, depending on size)
  • Flange Mounting
  • Very Rigid Design
EM-B Expanding Mandrels can clamp very short workpieces on the front of the sleeve, and are ideal for turning, milling, grinding and gear cutting applications. There is no axial movement of the clmaping sleeve during operation, and the EM-B Expanding Mandrels also feature high torque transmission and concentricity.

Product Features

  • Large expandability (up to 1.5mm, depending on size)
  • Hand or power operated
  • Flange mounting
  • Very rigid design
  • Tapped holes on the front face to mount axial stops
  • Clamping sleeves are also available in vulcanized versions

Standard Equipment

  • Basic mandrel with draw bolt for power operation
  • Mounting bolts