Sliding Jaw Chucks

  • High Precision Power Chucks
  • Size Range: 1000mm - 1600mm
  • Number of Jaws: 4 Jaws
  • Inch (Module 2) Serration
  • Closed Center

The IN-D Closed Center Four Jaw Power Chucks are designed for clamping of large square and irregularly shaped parts. They are suitable for vertical machining applications thanks to the front protection of the slide ways.


Product Features

  • Gripping force transmission via wedge hook
  • Front protection of the slide ways against swarf and chip penetration
  • T-slots between master jaws allow use of jaw boxes for manual clamping

Standard Equipment

  • 4 Jaw Chuck
  • 1 set of T-nuts with bolts
  • 1 set of soft top jaws with cross keys
  • Mounting bolts
  • Grease gun