Steady Rests

  • Self-Centering
  • Clamp Range: 20mm - 293mm
  • Narrow arms for crankshafts
  • Fully sealed body
  • Integrated coolant flush
  • Diameter measuring system of proximity switches

The KLU Premium Line Steady Rests feature a narrow arms for cranskaft applications, as well as a fully sealed body and integrated channels for coolant / air flush. They are suitable for either fixed or travelling applications. The patented coolant / air chip guards keep the roller clamping areas free from chips.


Product Features

  • Fully sealed body
  • Safety valve
  • Stroke control (without proximity switch)
  • Port for compressed air
  • Central lubrication grease, oil or oil + air
  • Integrated channels for coolant / air flush
  • Coolant / air chip guard to flush away chips

Standard Equipment

  • Steady rest