Sliding Jaw Chucks

  • High Precision Power Chucks - CENTRIFUGAL FORCE COMPENSATION
  • Size Range: 170mm - 400mm
  • Number of Jaws: 3 Jaws
  • Inch Serration
  • Closed Center
  • proofline sealed
The NT-D Closed Center Power Chucks feature centrifugal force compensation, and are designed for mid to large batch production, as well as high speed machining and fragile parts. They are fully sealed, making them ideal for dry machining of castings and forgings, as well as high pressure coolant applications.


Product Features

  • Centrifugal force compensation
  • Constant gripping force with permanent grease lubrication
  • Central bore for coolant and / or air
  • Chuck body and internal parts are case hardened proofline chucks are fully sealed for low maintenance

Standard Equipment

  • 3 jaw chuck
  • 1 set of T-nuts with bolts a set soft top jaws