Sliding Jaw Chucks

  • High Precision Power Chucks
  • Size Range: 500mm - 1000mm
  • Number of Jaws: 3 jaws
  • Tongue & Groove
  • Closed Center
The NTL-C Closed Center Power Chucks are well suited for mid to large batch production, high speed machining, and/or for fragile parts. The chuck is fully sealed, ideal for dry machining of castings and forgings or where high pressure coolant is used.

Product Features

  • Long jaw stroke
  • Centrifugal force compensation
  • Constant gripping force with permanent grease lubrication
  • Center bore for collant and/or air
  • Chuck body and internal parts case hardened
  • Proofline chucks = fully sealed - low maintenance

Standard Equipment

  • 3 Jaw Chuck
  • 1 Set Soft Top Jaws
  • Mounting Bolts