Precision grippers G14 + G25 - G15 + G30


  • High Precision Grippers for Concentricity
  • High Torque Transmission
  • TiN Coated High Speed Steel
SMW Autoblok's Type G Precision Grippers have a stop surface for a controlled penetration of the grip tooth. The workpiece is clamped concentrically on the stop surface, so the clamping diameter and machining diameter are concentric.
Precision grippers G14 + G25 - G15 + G30

Product Features

  • High precision guarantees concentricity even after replacing worn out grippers
  • High torque transmission is guaranteed with the combination of the friction and positive drive
  • The geometry of the gripper creates a pull-down effect
  • G14 Grippers: Light duty pull down
  • G25 Grippers: Heavy duty pull down
  • G15 Grippers: Light duty high torque
  • G30 Grippers: Heavy duty high torque
  • Special grippers are available upon request

Standard Equipment

  • Grippers
  • Screws