Sliding Jaw Chucks

  • High Precision Power Chucks - PULL DOWN EFFECT
  • Pull-down effect of inclined master jaws
  • Size Range: 160mm - 400mm
  • Number of Jaws: 3 Jaws
  • Tongue & Groove
  • Closed Center
RAN Closed Center Power Chucks feature a pull-down effect of the master jaws, and are designed for 1st or 2nd operations requiring tight squareness and parallelism tolerances. RAN chucks are for external clamping operations only.

Product Features

  • Clamping on raw material with carbide inserts increases the pull down effect thanks to penetration into the workpiece.
  • Central bore for coolant and / or air
  • Chuck body and internal parts are case hardened

Standard Equipment

  • 3 Jaw Chuck
  • Mounting bolts
  • Grease gun