Diaphragm Chucks

  • Quick Jaw Change Diaphragm Chucks
  • Universal for air, oil or coolant
The RU-2-20 allows for double piston cylinder ZHVD-DFR for D-chucks. Rotary union for media supply for rotating cylinders. Universal for air + oil/air + coolant. Can also rotate dry (without medium applied).

Product Features

  • Rotary union for 2 media. Port A for air, oil and coolant, Port B for air.
  • Quick Jaw System utilizes the proven
  • The medium must be free of contamination
  • Filter 25 μm requested

Standard Equipment

  • RU-2-20
  • Anti rotation pinblok
  • Adapter for tube Ø 12 mm (ID = 10 mm) Id. No. 044154