Specialty Chucks

SMW Autoblok is pleased to offer a comprehensive lineup of Specialty Lathe Chucks for your unique applications. Browse our Specialty Chuck lineup by clicking on the links below, or use our Catalog Search function to find the exact product you are looking for.

2 + 2 Chucks


SMW Autoblok’s 2 + 2 Jaw Chucks are four jaw chucks that feature two independent self-centering jaw drives. With their double centering capabilities, these chucks are ideal for the clamping of rectangular and square workpieces. 

2+ 2 + 2 Chucks


2 + 2 + 2 Equalizing Power Chucks are ideal for clamping thin walled parts thank s to the low radial deformation of the 2+2+2 clamping. The constant grip force ensures consistent quality of the finished workpieces.

Indexing Chucks


Automatic Indexing Chucks are designed for high productivity machining of complex workpieces such as valve bodies, spiders or fittings in a single setup. Indexing movement is possible during spindle rotation, allowing for quick changing between the multiple working axes.

Shaft Chucks


Shaft Chucks are designed for complete machining of shafts in one setup, and are ideal for machining applications including crankshafts, camshafts and other complex shafts. Shaft Chucks feature retractable jaw carriers, power operated face drivers and quick change jaws and face drivers.

Column Chucks


Self Centering Column Chucks with Pull Down are designed for high precision OD clamping. The chucks pull down the workpiece to the axial workstop during clamping, and there is a minimum loss of gripping force at high speeds.