Pull Down Chucks

  • High Precision Pull Down Chucks
  • Size Range: 170mm - 315mm
  • Number of Jaws: 2 Jaws
  • Self Centering
  • Floating Jaws
  • Active Pull Down
TSF-C Two Jaw Pull Down Chucks are self centering with floating jaws (to clamp raw and easily deformed workpieces), and are designed for clamping workpieces with the highest demand for parallelism. TSF-C Chucks are proofline® sealed, which allows for long maintenance intervals and increased productivity. Their constant grip force ensures for consistent quality of workpieces.


Product Features

  • 2-Jaw design
  • Active pull-down Floating base jaws for 4 point contact
  • Centrifugal force compensation
  • Tongue & groove base jaws
  • Central bore for coolant and / or air
  • Permanent grease lubrication proofline®
  • chucks = full sealed, low maintenance

Standard Equipment

  • 2 Jaw Chuck
  • Mounting bolts
  • Grease gun