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Autoblok Petacciato Catalog

1 February 2021

“Since the creation of the new unit”, explains Gabriele Massimi, Special Applications Manager Autoblok Petacciato, “the Company has experienced continuous growth overcoming the initial greatest difficulty of making the customer understand – that he used to associate the Autoblok name with standard products for rotating clamping on lathes – we also deal with static clamping solutions and special solutions, tailor-made based on the specific needs of the customer. “

The main strengths of Autoblok Petacciato are: 1. Having multitasking experience in the field of mechanics, from part gripping, to machining, assembly, enslavement, and finally automation. 2. Bringing our experience of static locking to rotary and vice versa. 3. To be able to integrate all the standard products of the group.

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