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11 August 2020

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Wheeling, IL – SMW Autoblok, a world leader in the design and manufacture of rotational chucks, stationary workholding, tooling and custom engineered solutions, launches their first ever Stationary Workholding Promotion offering up to 30 percent off on premium clamping products including APS, STV, SINTEX®, and SinterGrip® technology, to name a few.

To foster and assist our worldwide customer and distributor network during this unprecedented time in history, SMW Autoblok’s promotional goal is to help and foster our esteemed network to not only save money, but to increase productivity and reduce machine downtime in their production facilities.

We are offering a myriad of clamping solutions to enhance machining operations. Promotional products include:

· APS 140 + Top Pallets
· SinterGrip
· PTP – Protected Pneumatic Twin Vise
· STV – Spring and Air Operated Twin Vise
· Tetrablok + Tombstone

Many of the models offered in the promotion including APS 140, are Proofline® sealed, protected against corrosion and feature a built-in air cleaning function to ensure that the clamping system’s support surface remains clean and free of chips during changeover or automation. The 140 pull-in forces for each module can be increased up to 45 kN by the turbo function.

SMW Autoblok’s SINTEX 100 and 125 vise series offer clamping ranges from 155 to 250 mm and includes SMW Autoblok’s premium SinterGrip insert technology providing 3.5 mm clamping range (versus 300 mm standard for other industry models). SinterGrip, also on special, reduces material waste and cost and optimizes performance of both the machine and tools.

For detailed information on all Stationary Workholding promotional products, please download our catalog here.

To view our comprehensive line of workholding solutions including rotational chucks and tooling, please visit  Contact our technical team at:, 847-215-0591.