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Over 70 years of history have given us not only the expertise required to design better products, but also the vision to be the first in line when it comes to new technologies and solutions. Whatever your workholding needs, read through to find what you're looking for.


Quick jaw change power chucks

  • Seals in the chuck body and base jaws
  • Protection against dust and swarf
  • Optimized lubrication system
  • Constant clamping force
  • Minimum set up times
  • Maximum cost-efficiency


  • Minimum set up times
  • Maximum cost-efficiency
  • Fully sealed
  • Minimized set up times due to the quick jaw change system in less than 1 minute
  • Highest accuracy of the jaw change
  • Vertical mounting of chuck possible
  • Proofline® chucks = fully sealed – low maintenance
  • Large through hole


  • Chuck
  • Key
  • Mounting bolts
  • Mounting key (from Ø 210)
  • 1 set hardened base jaws type GBK 1 set soft top jaws type WAK
  • 1 set of coverplates

35 years after the invention of the world’s best-selling quick jaw change KNCS chucks, SMW‑AUTOBLOK has managed to solve the main drawback of this type of spindle: contamination of the internal mechanism by chips, coolant and dirt. The new KNCS-2G sealed chuck allows a very high repeatability when changing jaws with excellent results both on horizontal lathes and on pick-up lathes. The hard turning operation of the gears takes place without the minimum internal contamination, in any working condition, on horizontal, vertical lathes and on pick-up lathes for castings and forgings. Total protection is guaranteed by additional seals placed on the wedge bar, on the both sides of the base jaws. The sealing and the new lubrication system make the KNCS-2G also suitable for mass production in all working conditions. KNCS-2G chucks are available on sizes 170 - 210 – 225 – 260 – 325 – 400 - 500 - 630.

All our sales people have engineering backgrounds as well as in-depth technical experience and knowledge thanks to our branches' technical offices. Our staff are spread throughout the world, able to offer the local knowledge and understanding that customers require and that helps us maintain our commitment to quality service always.