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Electronic ZeroAct E-Motion from SMW-Autoblok

14 January 2023

Wheeling, IL – SMW Autoblok, a world leader in the design and manufacture of rotational chucks, stationary workholding, tooling and engineered solutions for the machine tool industry, introduces the electronic ZeroAct E-motion automatic positioning system featuring Zero Point clamping used in a variety of machining applications including milling, inspection, finishing, clean room operations and 3D printing.

Ideal for Industry 4.0, ZeroAct e-motion features wireless connectivity and data transfer, and fully automates manufacturing processes using a 24V power supply that operates with a built-in electro-motor. In addition, integrated electronic sensor technology provides contact-free part detection and safety for missing or misaligned parts.

With an ultralow profile of 48 mm and extremely flat design, ZeroAct E-motion is ideal for any Zero Point application especially those where a large Z-axis travel of the spindle is critical for application success.

The modular ZeroAct E-motion system, with a compact size of 150 x 150 mm, provides a repeat accuracy of < 5 µm and holding force of 35, 50, or 75 kN depending on thread of clamping pin.

The electronic ZeroAct E-motion is part of the comprehensive lineup of plug & play mechatronic workholding products including chucks and stationary workholding for intelligent part holding.

Download the ZeroAct E-motion brochure here: https://bit.ly/3W2F0cY

Visit SMW Autoblok’s website for additional information on premium workholding and tooling products at: https://www.smwautoblok.com/us/en/, or call: 847-215-0591 for additional information.