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SMW‑AUTOBLOK offers a complete range of chucks for the OCTG industry. A strategic business in the oil and gas extraction sector, OCTG requires highly specialized knowledge that is only available from drill pipe manufacturers. Our pneumatic chucks are always in stock and available for fast delivery to any part of the world.

The oil & gas extraction sector offers particular challenges in terms of the strength, durability and precision of drilling components. SMW-Autoblok brings accuracy, dimensioned solutions to the production tools and materials used by drill manufacturers.

Our complete range of BIG BORE® pneumatic power chucks has been expanded to meet increasingly complex technical requirements, such as wide-bore air chucks with combined clamping systems for centering and prepositioning tubes. These chucks are specially designed for the end machining of long tubes, with or without collars, and the extra-large through hole allows full spindle bore to be used. We even have chucks that clamp straight and bent pipe at the point of threading, to counter and prevent end hook phenomena.

SMW-Autoblok has a consolidated presence on all continents, and provides advice and start-up services directly to customers and on-site users. Our specialist OCTG department enables us to be closer to our customers and to respond quickly to the technical challenges and unique constraints that are specific to oil & gas drilling.