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SMW‑AUTOBLOK offers a complete range of workholding solutions for aerospace. Our products have long been relied on for a wide range of applications in aircraft parts manufacturing. With all our high-quality standard products always in stock and available for fast delivery worldwide, SMW‑AUTOBLOK’s commitment to aerospace is set to continue long into the future.

Of all industries, aerospace is perhaps one of the most challenging. Over the past years, it has seen a wide increase in investment aimed at developing and building next-generation engines: a trend which as involved SMW-Autoblok directly. We have seen large volume orders for static holding systems: necessary for holding both small and large titanium workpieces required in aircraft engine manufacture. Thanks to the new SMW-Autoblok Telbrook system, customers can now carry out centering as well as clamping in an automated way: enabling not just greater precision, but a notable reduction in man hours required to complete the operations.

SMW-Autoblok offers individual solutions using the best materials and meeting the most stringent quality requirements. Several of our products are structured modularly, while all offer precision of the highest accuracy, flexibility, and minimized setup time due to the quick jaw change systems. For instance, our PROOFLINE® chucks are low-maintenance, offering constant clamping force to extremely low tolerances, and with high accuracy and repeatability.

In the most recent wave of aircraft construction programs, SMW-Autoblok has been directly involved in designing machine tool clamping equipment to conform to technical constraints and fine tolerances. With corporate branches on all continents, our technical teams are located close to the aircraft manufacturers and our design office, which specializes in prototyping and building large-scale milling/turning assemblies, has enabled us to offer innovative solutions for building aircraft engine parts. SMW-Autoblok’s flexible systems and solutions meet all industry requirements, offering real gains in production line setup and assembly time, and achieving increasingly secure and efficient productivity.