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Industrial Equipment

SMW‑AUTOBLOK offers a complete range of powerful industrial clamping solutions for industry 4.0 and beyond. Our products make up a flexible system and we also offer numerous individual and specialized solutions. All our standard products are always in stock and available for fast delivery to anywhere in the world. SMW‑AUTOBLOK aims to be at your side, lending our experience to help build your success.

Machine tools are the mainstay of modern industry, and designing workholding systems to meet the requirements of machine tool automation has always been the chief priority of our design offices worldwide.
Workpieces clamping must also incorporate position and presence control, if it is to make automation and machining processes reliable.

The new challenges posed by Industry 4.0 are to make solutions more flexible and to be able to directly and rapidly change the clamping system.
SMW-Autoblok has shown its ability to adapt to the needs of new equipment to offer clamping solutions that can be rapidly changed and reconfigured.
We operate the strictest checks and controls on our production lines, and our efficient, well-designed solutions save production time and make robotic machine tools more reliable.