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General catalog of all SMW-AUTOBLOK products dedicated to rotary work holding equipments on lathes. Here is the world's largest range of manual and automatic chucks in all versions.

Manual Chucks

Closed Center Power Chucks

Open Center Power Chucks

Quick jaw change power chucks

Pull-down chucks / Compensating chucks / Indexing chucks / Shaft chucks / Column chucks / 6 jaw 2+2+2 chucks

Diaphragm chucks

Collet chucks / Bar pulling chucks

Manual or power operated expanding mandrels / Adapter flanges

Closed center cylinders / Open center cylinders / Double piston cylinders

Pneumatic/hydraulic front-end chucks / Control units

Self-centering steady rests for turning and grinding

Static chucks pneumatic / hydraulic

Chuck switching system / Chuck flanges / Top jaws / T-nuts / Grippers / Gripping force meter / Grease / Accessories